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Abstract Submission is Closed.

Abstract submissions for AUN 2nd International Health Promotion Conference is closed.

Should you have any questions about your abstracts please contact the Secretariat of Scientific Committee through e-mail

Notifications on acceptance of the abstracts were sent to the corresponding author (the submitter) e-mail from July 11-15, 2019The corresponding author is responsible for informing all other co-authors of the status of the abstract. In order to receive confirmation, please ensure that emails from you are not marked as spam by your e-mail provider. 


All abstract presenters will be asked to reconfirm their attendance after receiving the acceptance notification. If you don't reconfirm your abstract presentation and register before 31 July 2019, your abstract will be cancelled.


All notifications on rejection will be sent out on or before 26 July 2019.

Matrix and Schedule for 2nd AUN-HPN Oral Presentations


Instructions and Guidelines for 2nd AUN-HPN Poster Presentations

  1. The poster panel board size is 1m (W) x 2.48m  (H). Make sure your poster can fit in this panel.

  2. Approved abstract authors can hang up their posters at the entrance of the conference venue on 20 August 2019, 6am to 8am.

  3. You or your co-authors are responsible for affixing your poster to the panels provided at the conference centre. The organisers will provide suitable fixing materials and on-site assistance will be available to help you to display your poster. Each poster panel will be labelled with a number, you will be informed about the number of your poster board before the conference. 

  4. It is NOT possible to print posters on site. Conference organisers do not print posters on behalf of presenters.

  5. Poster titles should be the same as the title submitted with the abstract and the poster title, author/s and affiliations should appear at the topmost centre of the poster.

  6. Posters must be designed and presented VERTICALLY (oriented in a portrait position). Posters designed horizontally will NOT be accepted or will be disqualified.

  7. It is encouraged that at least one author be present at any one time during the conference on the 20th and the 21st of August to promote exchange between authors and with conference participants as the posters will be up for the whole duration of the forum. It is mandatory that at least one author must be present during the official poster viewing on 21 August 2019, 1pm to 1:30pm to explain your work to discuss your research and answer questions from the attendees.

  8. Please note that QR codes or bar codes are not permitted on posters displayed at the 2nd AUN-HPN Conference.

  9. All posters must be removed from 5pm to 8pm on 21 August 2019. All posters left after 830pm will be disposed of. The AUN-HPN Organisers will not keep or forward forgotten posters to any presenter. 



  • Avoid color combinations which are difficult to read. Avoid large tables as these may be difficult to read.

  • The title, the authors, the affiliations and conclusions should be prominent as many attendees read these first hence they should be easily read and understood.

  • Your poster should be able to be read at a distance of 5 feet.

  • Include a statement about potential "conflicts of interests".

PowerPoint Template/Style Guide


Guidelines for Abstract Submission


Abstracts are invited on the themes of the conference which include:

  1. Mental health

  2. Physical activity

  3. Health literacy

  4. Tobacco, alcohol, and narcotic/illicit drug use

  5. Healthy diet and food safety

  6. Reproductive health and sexual issues

  7. Health promotion: teaching and learning

  8. Role of university in national policy development and policy advocacy

  9. Research collaboration.



All abstracts accepted for the AUN 2nd International Health Conference will be published in the official Conference Book of Abstracts. Please read the guidelines below carefully prior to your abstract submission.

  1. Abstracts MUST be submitted by the specified deadline on 30 June 2019. Call for late breaking abstracts may be possible but it is not warranted.

  2. All abstracts must be written in ENGLISH. Should your abstract be accepted for an oral presentation you must be able to give your presentation in English.

  3. CAPITALIZE the entire title.

  4. Titles should not contain more than 20 words. No abbreviations are to be used in the titles.

  5. Tables and/or pictures cannot be inserted.

  6. Abbreviations must be defined by placing them in parentheses after the full word the first time they appear.

  7. Use numerals to indicate numbers except when beginning sentences.

  8. Abstracts must not exceed 250 words.

  9. Abstracts must be submitted through the form provided in the website.

  10. Abstracts saved in form of Picture or Clip file, such as PDF, Bitmap, JPEG or TIFF, will not be accepted.

  11. When submitting your abstract, consider the related topics (outlined above). However, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to decide on final topic assignment upon abstract selection.

  12. Abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the Scientific Committee for oral or poster presentations. A preference for poster presentation may be indicated. However, the Scientific Committee will make the final decision as to how the paper is to be presented. Acceptance or rejection is based on the average mark awarded by the reviewers.

  13. The following sub-divisions of your abstract are recommended but are NOT MANDATORY. There is no need to use every section if not appropriate to your work:

  • Background

  • Objectives

  • Methods

  • Results

  • Conclusion/Application to practice

14. All abstract authors will be notified by e-mail on acceptance status.

15. Correction of abstracts can only be done before the deadline on 30 June 2019

16. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted; therefore, not considered for the program or publication.

17. It is considered understood that Authors of accepted papers have the financial resources to pay all or partial personal expenses incurred including Conference registration, production of their presentation, travel and accommodation during the Conference.

18. Confirmation of acceptance notification is required together with conference fee payment at a requested date to have the abstract    published in the Conference Book of Abstracts. Should the author not follow either of these, the organizer reserves the right not to include the author's work in the book.





The intent is to provide high-quality sessions free of commercial influence or bias. We ask all presenters to cooperate in this by:

   • Declaring any potential conflict of interest on a Disclosure section of the abstract submission
   • Do not include company names


Should you have difficulties in submitting your abstracts or you need further information, please contact the Conference Secretariat at



Abstract submission deadline is 30 June 2019.

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